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Defense Technologies International Corp. (OTCQB “DTII”)

(Formerly: Canyon Gold Corp.) a US corporation trading on the US OTC market (OTCQB "DTII")

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DTII acquired its wholly owned subsidiary Defense Technology Corporation (DTC) in October of 2015. DTC was formed in 2007 to bring products to market in the areas of personal and collateral protection. DTC succeed in the markets of personal and collateral protection by creating technology that is unique in design and operation. The company currently has two products in development that will change the face of their respective industries. DTC's primary products is Offender Alert Passive Scan™, a technology that enhances safety. DTC's Offender Alert Passive Scan is a 'next generation' walk-through detector scanning unit. The DTC scan-system emits nothing through the subject and is passive.


Defense Technologies Corporation (DTC)
Long Canyon Gold Resources Corp. (LCGRC)


Defense Technologies International Corp. is managed by a group of seasoned professionals with years of experience in their respective field of knowledge. It is the Company’s short and medium term goal to continue to seek out and appoint additional exceptional professionals to the Team.

Defense Technology International Corp.



President, CEO and Director
(President, Long Canyon Gold Res. Corp.)

Mr. Moses has a substantial professional executive background in technology, finance, energy production, and mining & mineral operations.

Mr. Moses's past and present experience:

Bank President – 16 years.
Past President/CEO of multiple Mineral and Mining 'Publicly traded companies'.
Past President/CEO of InterContinental Oil and Gas, a National Oil & Gas Concern in 5 western States with 640 Oil and Gas wells and billions of dollars in P-1, P-2 & P-3 Reserves for over a decade.
Owned and operated 8 Restaurants and business with hundreds of employees all by the age of 23.
Founder of 'Bonafied Financial Management', a client focused San Diego Financial planning firm.
One of the Originators in the 1970's of the National Franchise; Jiffy Lube.
Founding Partner of 'Liberty Capital International Inc." (LCI), a true International Alternative Energy concern with operations in India, Mexico, United States and Kazakhstan.
Created and operated "Cambridge Financial Services Inc.", one of California's largest and most successful Mortgage Banking Firms of the 90's and into the 21st Century.
Founder of Solana Beach Escrow which successfully operated for over 10 years handling billions of client's dollars without a single dollar lost.
Has held multiple and various State Broker licenses in Insurance, Securities and Real Estate.
Served as President George W. Bush's Honorary Chairman of the "house Majority Trust'.

Mr. Charles Cortland "Cort" Hooper


Mr. Hooper has a substantial background in Mineral Exploration and Mining. Mr. Hooper was the Owner of Old Town Financial in La Jolla, California, a designer, financier and developer of shopping centers, office buildings, resorts, master planned communities, condominiums, apartments, health clubs, single family homes and ranch estates valued over $500 million, arranging over an additional $6.3 billion in project financing for clients.

Mr. Hooper as a missile guidance engineer lead a team designing and building missile guidance systems for the U.S. Army ground to air combat installations and the Hawk and Nike missiles. He has a distinguished career as an officer in the U.S. Navy during the Viet Nam war, received the Gold Medal from the American Society of Military Engineers, and many other distinctions.

Mr. Hooper was the owner of 'Organizational Diagnostics Associates' in San Diego, California, a private financial and business consulting firm to Fortune 500 and local companies, pioneering the development of business, financial and legal software systems.

Mr. Hooper is a graduate systems engineer of the University of California at Los Angeles with High Honors, has a Master of Science Degree in Management from study at UCLA and the U.S. Naval Post Graduate School, and did his doctorate work in Finance. As a management and market expert, he has been published in the US Congressional Record, Harvard Business review and other national financial and professional periodicals.

Mr. Hooper brings a wealth of business experience and know-how to the Company. He served in the capacity as Chairman of the board, Chief Executive Officer, Systems Engineer, Organizational Developer, Team Developer and Trainer, Business, Financial and Management Consultant. He will advise the company in regards to organizational structure, strategic planning and management and will serve on the Board to contribute to the overall management in the areas of finance, strategic planning, market development and the value and strategy of the company in the securities markets.

Defense Technology International Corp.



Member, Advisory Committee

Mr. Studdert has a distinguished international business career and a long record of public service. A corporate executive and former senior White House Advisor to three U.S. Presidents, he has a demonstrated background of proven leadership at the national and international levels.

He is founder of several commercial ventures and a commercial bank, and has many corporate board directorships including in the gold sector. He helped create the FORTUNE 500 Forum for senior executives and participated in TIME magazine’s leaders’ world news-tour. He authored America in Danger.

Mr. Studdert served as a White House advisor to U.S. Presidents George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford, and represented U.S. Presidents in diplomatic assignments to over one hundred nations. By presidential appointment he served on the President’s Export Council, the Export Advisory Now Council, and the Foreign Trade Practices and Negotiations Subcommittee, and as a United States Delegate to the United Nations Energy Conference in Africa, as a United States Delegate to the 40th NATO Summit, and as an American Representative to the funeral of Emperor Hirohito of Japan. He was Chairman of a $44 billion Federal Home Loan Bank in the Clinton Administration.

Mr. Studdert is a graduate of Brigham Young University, a former elected City Council member, and a past Jaycee President. He is a recipient of the Distinguished Citizen Award from the Boy Scouts of America, the National Guard Minuteman Award, the People of Vision award, the Farm Bureau’s Friend of Agriculture Award, and the citizen Distinguished Service Medal from the United States Army. He served on the Board of Trustees of Southern Virginia University, from which he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate. He and his wife have six children.


Member 'Advisory Committee'

Mr. Frank Thorwald has extensive professional experience in the minerals and the protection technology sectors and in government. He has served as Special Assistant and Acting National Security Advisor to U.S. Attorney Generals, as senior advisor to the Attorney General's Task Force on Family Violence and Protecting Our Children, and as Director of Public Affairs for the President's Task Force on Victims of Crime. He has also served as an advisor to the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense and as Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary and Executive Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education.

He is Managing Director of the Thorwald Group, a firm specializing in government relations, investment, and trade development advisory services. He serves on several corporate boards of directors.

Active in public service, Mr. Thorwald serves as Commissioner of the Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, is a former commissioner of the Arizona Commerce and Economic Development Commission and former Chairman of the Arizona Employers Advisory Council state board. He was also a part member of the Arizona Governor's Council on Workforce Policy.


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2016-08-04 9:30 AM EST
Defense Technologies International Corp (OTCQB:DTII) (The Company), announces the completion of debt restructuring and consolidation in preparations to move towards production.

2016-07-21 5:30 AM EST
Defense Technologies International Corp (OTCQB:DTII) (The Company), a developer of security technologies, announces debt restructuring and consolidation in preparations to move towards production.

2016-06-22 4:20 PM EST
Defense Technologies International Corp (OTCQB:DTII) (The Company), a developer of security technologies, announced a research report on the company is now available for review.

2016-05-26 9:15 AM EST
Canyon Gold Corp., company announced today that the Company's stockholders have approved a Name Change. The New Name of the Company is "Defense Technologies International Corp.", a new symbol will be assigned to the Company's stock.

2016-05-23 4:24 PM EST
Canyon Gold Corp., is pleased to announce that it received the first tranche of funding for the Initial production of our patented proprietary DTC 'Offender Passive Alert Scan'.

2016-05-23 4:00 PM EST
Canyon Gold Corp., is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Charles Cortland Hopper as Director to the Board of Directors of the Company. Mr. Hooper will also serve on the Advisory Board of the Company's subsidiaries.

2016-05-17 9:00 AM EST
Canyon Gold Corp., announces the Company's wholly owned subsidiary Defense Technologies Corporation (DTC) plans to make their 'Offender Alert Passive Scan' available to help Curb School Violence and improve Safety at Schools, Stadiums and other Public Buildings and Places.

2016-05-09 11:20 AM EST
The Company's wholly owned subsidiary Defense Technologies Corporation (DTC) plans to make their 'Offender Alert Passive Scan' available to help Curb School Violence and bring Safety to Schools, Stadiums and other Public Buildings and Places.

2016-05-06 2:40 PM EST
Canyon Gold Corp., is pleased to announce that it signed a consulting agreement with Trilogy Marketing Strategies.

2016-05-02 9:00 AM EST
Canyon Gold Corp., announces changes in corporate governance leadership. Stephen M. Studdert, who has been serving as Chairman and President, announced Merrill W. Moses as his successor, effective May 1, 2016.

2016-04-27 10:26 AM EST
Canyon Gold Corp., is pleased to inform that the Company has completed an extensive market review and analysis into the rapidly growing international concern of weapons being brought into our schools by students.

2016-04-15 1:07 PM EST
Canyon Gold Corp., is pleased to inform that the Company is featured weekly on MoneyTV, with Donald Baillargeon starting April 15, 2016.


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